PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy

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Magnetic Therapy or Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy

is the use of a pulsed electro-magnetic field to stimulate cells and body chemistry to aid the healing process for many different medical and physical conditions.

The Arcadia Clinic in Kassel Germany has been observing massive changes in energy levels of patients treated with PEMF including nutrient absorption increases, emotional wellness improvements and detoxification.

The FDA gave approval/clearance in 1982 to PEMF treatments in use to promote healing of bone fractures. It has more recently been released for use in trans-cranial magnetic stimulation for depression and even bipolar disorder. Wikipedia Article

How to Use the PEMF Unit

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What types of units are available?

The Pulse 4 Life Units come in two basic models:


The P4L Desktop Home/Clinic Unit (which can also be used by practitioners):

PEMF Home Unit

and the Mini-Tote Home/Clinic Model

PEMF Mini Tote Model

both units come with:

  • Small Single Loop  Small Single Loop (8″ diameter)
  • Large Single Loop Large Single Loop (12″ diameter)
  • Large Therapy Mat your choice of the small (12×24″)    or large (18×24″)  PEMF therapy mats
  • PEMF Travel Case Travel Case

Pricing is $7495 per unit with

USE discount code 10115  to get $500 reduction in the price.  There is financing available. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Check Payment, Credit Card, Business Lease, Consumer Lease, Bank Wire


Additional Units including the Professional Home Office PMT 120, the PMT 120Portable, the PMT 120 All Terrain and the Large Cocoon 4 Life unit (with Ozone and Hyperthermic Conditioning) are available through contact request via our contact page.

Pro Home Office PMT 120Portable PMT 120Portable PMT 120 ATCocoon 4 Life with Ozone and Hyperthermic

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