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Q: Are there Scientific Studies supporting PEMF?

A: Yes! Here is a list of studies that can also be found on PubMed. Download PDF
Another article with Studies on the medical effects on different ailments. PDF

Q: How to get the Discount (for professional and personal use devices)?

A: When selecting and purchasing the equipment on our payment page, be sure to use the discount/referral code 10115 .

Q: What payment options are available for the PEMF units?

A: You will see several options on the payment page including Check, Credit Card, Bank Wire and the Lease/financing options available for businesses and consumers.

Q: Do you have any doctor testimonials?

A: Yes, many! Some are posted on the testimonial page, if you would like more send us a contact request and we will forward them to you.

Q: Is there a referral program?

A: Yes, you can read more here or watch the video. If you do decide to promote the PEMF machines, make sure to maximize the benefit by using the referral code 10115 which is also the bonus code for discounts.